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January 21, 2016

Kamilla is drop dead gorgeous, her pictures don't do justice to her beauty. She always has a smile on her face expect during the session when she is all sexy and submissive. She has amazing lips and figure of a goddess. Had a lovely time with her and definitely going to see her again.

One Lucky Man
January 15, 2016

when Fiona opened her door i was gobsmacked! not sure if i knocked on the right door lol i liked her photos but girl that was in front of me blew me away! i even got nervous if i took enough money thinking i booked some elite priced escort in error! i was lucky to see Fiona on the day she had her photoshoot so all glamed up, i tell u walking perfection! Performance also did not disappoint unlike some other girls i saw before, a lot of interaction and very intimate. One of the best punts i had, thank u darling x

January 14, 2016

Aylla is beautiful, I was expecting a nice experience, however I was so bloody disappointed. She had TV on and was more into watching TV and looked not interested at all. While kissing she was looking at TV screen, I got pissed and asked her to turn it off, then she was just disconnected and was completely mechanical. I just wanted leave wasting 150 quid. She was too instructive asking me don't do this and that. Complete waste of money, she did try a bit later but I was already turned off by her. I left half hour through even without doing anything. Not worth the money & time.

January 14, 2016

Stunning young girl, her English is not very good but she is new in London so i am sure nxt time i see her it will improve. despite language barrier there was instant connection, a lot of eye contact plus Fiona never stops smiling, such a bubbly enthusiastic lady, really worth a visit

January 14, 2016

Amazing so pleased with the recommendation! Thumbs UP!

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