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August 29, 2017

Lily is young, pretty, and Sexy. Lots of personality, and a fun girl. She made me feel very relaxed, and it wasn't long before I was aroused by her. She's happy to try different positions, and her body is amazing in all of them. She's pretty much perfect. It's a danger she's so close, I think I'll be seeing her again... 😉

July 26, 2017

Where should I start? The lady has nice body ans a pair of huge but firm tits. Unfortunately that's all the good news. She has personality of a plank of wood. All the session she was staring away like fish and checking the clock. The cherry on top was, literally, "that's what you paid me for" before she got me out. If you value your time avoid the lady.

July 18, 2017

Having previously seen Fiona, I asked Abie to arrange a meeting with Fiona and a duo partner, and Fiona suggested Alma. Alma is pale-skinned, blonde, slimmer and a little taller than Fiona (although it could have been her heels); she is not quite as glamorous as her pictures suggest, but she is good-looking, with very nicely shaped breasts. She's a friendly girl, and her English is very good; she occasionally helped out Fiona by translating the odd English word into Romanian. I had a very enjoyable time with the two ladies. Feeling rather lazy, I must admit that I never got around to pleasuring the girls but just submitted to their attentions. No hanky-panky between them, they’re just friends, but there was much pleasure to be had: the girls taking turns at providing owo while the other kissed me or offered her breasts for my caresses. When eventually I was ready, I assembled the girls together on the bed in front of me and came over their breasts as they fondled them for me. Afterwards we cuddled up and chatted for a while before I took my leave. Overall a very agreeable experience; if receiving the embraces of two attractive and physically contrasting young Romanian ladies appeals to you, Fiona and Alma await.

July 17, 2017

She is truly instrumental. Good listener and she makes you feel like she is your girlfriend. Nice body, and especially tight pussy. I would definitely visit her again.

July 11, 2017

Had a great visit with Shea, she's every bit as good as she looks, very pleasant personality and was very attentive to my needs, will definitely come back for more.

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